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Looking for more about Botdoc? 

Watch a few videos and download our security whitepaper to learn more about how Botdoc solves the sensitive document transfer dilemma between customer experience and a secure solution. 

Watch our Demo Video

Watch Our Demo

Nothing could be simpler. Watch Tracy Fox, our CRO, explain how to use Botdoc in just a few minutes and learn how easy it is to send and receive sensitive documents via text or email. 

Secure Digital Transport Whitepaper

Read the Latest

Secure Digital Transport is fundamentally a different way of thinking about data, the value of it, and how to transport it. Read our whitepaper on the security behind Botdoc's unique technology. 

Salesforce AppExchange Video

Are you a Salesforce User?

Botdoc has partnered with Cloud Maven to provide secure sensitive document and data sending in and out of Salesforce. Watch the Cloud Maven team explain how it all works!